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Inside Inspire: BidMed


The healthcare system in much of America is racing to become more technologically advanced. What was recently a state-of-the-art piece of medical machinery can quickly become obsolete or dated. So what happens with the old equipment when it is replaced? We know there is always someone, somewhere who could use last year’s medical equipment to improve the lives of their patients. However, the process of redistributing the used equipment can often be challenging.

BidMed’s mission is to simplify and improve that process, to make it mutually beneficial for both parties in the exchange of medical equipment. Since 2012, the team at BidMed has used their comprehensive knowledge of the industry and its influencers in order to help healthcare facilities maximize returns and minimize costs when selling or buying used medical equipment.

BidMed works with global hospitals

Medical equipment exchanged through BidMed is distributed across the globe. In fact, the majority of end users in BidMed’s exchange process are from developing countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South America whose healthcare services become greatly improved by the technologies they receive. Facilities in these countries rely on the reduced prices of used equipment to continue to improve and expand upon the services they provide.

BidMed serves the local communities

Beyond serving the needs of the global health community, BidMed maintains a focus on the wellbeing of the people in their own communities. Right here in Chicago, there are many clinics without proper equipment or medicine. To combat this domestic issue BidMed has partnered with DonateMed, donating 1% of proceeds to providing equipment, medication, and supplies to the healthcare providers in our communities that lack sufficient resources.


It has been great to have BidMed’s small team of specialists here at Inspire Business Center and to watch the great work they do for healthcare providers around the world as well as in our own hometown. They consider themselves a “best-practices company” and the work they continually do proves it. BidMed takes care of their customers by providing them with superior services and by taking the smallest percentage transaction fee in the industry.  BidMed also works to protect the Earth by finding second owners to reuse equipment, or by scrapping and recycling a piece of equipment that is no longer usable.

Contact BidMed

Visit their website, www.bidmed.com, follow them on Twitter @BidMed, or give their office a call at 773.840.8140. Otherwise, find them in their headquarters here at Inspire Business Center.

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