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A New Kind of Burger Chain Headquartered in a New Kind of Office Space.

Leave it to a classically trained chef to envision a different type of burger chain. That’s just what David Friedman did in 2008 when he founded Epic Burger. Starting with the first location at 517 South State in the south loop, Friedman sought to elevate the discussion on burgers. He had become disenchanted by the volume of chemicals and processed foods he experienced in the industry, so he created a model that emphasized all-natural products, never frozen and free of artificial ingredients or preservatives of any kind. The menu is unique also for its’ simplicity.

crowded epic burgerOne of Epics top producing restaurants is the one at 550 West Adams in the West Loop. This location was selected because of the density of commercial office buildings within a few blocks as well as the volume of foot traffic and has served the company very well. As more and more construction, both commercial and residential, takes place in the immediate area, business at this location has continued to grow.

Choosing to Locate Their Headquarters in Our West Loop Office Space

Right around the same time the West Loop location was opened in 2011, Epic decided to locate its’ corporate offices in the West West Loop. Interestingly, the very factors that made the West Loop a prime location for the restaurant were the same ones that they were looking to avoid for their offices. According to CEO Scott Norrick, they preferred a more relaxed office location, free from the traffic and hustle of the loop, which they found at the Inspire Business Center. Additionally, it offers convenient parking, and has easy access to all types of public transportation as well as the area expressways.
It has certainly been a formula for success.

Today Epic Burger boasts seven locations throughout the Chicagoland area and has plans to expand both in the Chicago area and to other cities in the Midwest.

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